KIWAYA is set in an endless world with unique features.

Every session is different – you will see many weird weapons.
Start on ground level and go deep underground.
Your goal is to reach the target within the given time.
Every day you receive a new weapon and a new mission.
Take the penguin’s advice.

What makes this game unique
– A combination of action exploration and dialogues from a useless penguin.
– Going underground is supposed to a relaxed experience, so the focus is on digging, not enemies.
– Underground world is every session different and neverending.

– Create your own underground path.
– Several different weapons.
– 3 game modes.
– Game controller support.
– Achievements.
– There are no ads or in-app purchases.- No data collected on gameplay/behaviour tracking.
– Includes Steam key.

Play time
Story Mode: 30-40 minutes.
Journey Mode: no time limits.
Orb Mode: challenging arcade mode (1-10 minutes)

Accessibility info

– All dialogue is written in game.
– Text size is big
– Use keyboard & mouse or gamepad.
– Buttons can be remapped.

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